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In 2014, I set out to create a webshow. After a great experience at small television station in Texas, I knew I wanted to do more with voice. Cover stories that don’t usually make the news. I heard God say, create a webshow pilot. That’s what I did. For the next six months, my team and I wrote, shot, directed, produced, and aired a six episode pilot season of a variety talk show, now known as “The Positive Controversy with Kristen Pope.”

My goal was to get it picked up by a television network. The truth is, I had no idea how to put together a webshow. I knew how to put together a one and half minute new story, but a 10 minute episode. No clue. I was committed to doing the work and learning as I went along. By the end of the year, our little webseries had thousands of viewers, placement in a film festival, offers for television licensing and more! That year, I wasn’t distracted, I just kept my head down and did the work and what came of it blew my mind.

I can recall these kind of results every time I committed to just doing the work.

Let me ask you, have you ever heard that term, “keep your head down?”

I used to hear it all the time growing up, and to be honest I didn’t initially know what that meant. I wondered if it meant ‘don’t look up in class?’ Or ‘don’t speak unless you’re spoken to?’ ‘Or Stay humble?’

I grew to learn it meant, ‘Do your work,’ ‘stay focused,’ and ‘don’t be moved by distractions.’ Funny thing is today, I don’t hear that term used at all. Instead, we live in a culture that encourages distractions. Even on our jobs.

And with distractions comes the need for instant gratification. You see people no longer keep their head down, but instead always look up and around for what’s next. Is that wrong?

Here’s a take, the issue with always looking up is the potential for distraction and loss of focus. Let’s be honest, in the world of social media where you’re supposed to keep up with what’s current, promote yourself and your business, stay connected to your audience if you have one; how in the heck are you supposed to keep your head down??

I’ve found that in these changing times you have be more intentional about managing how you prioritize your time and where you invest your time. Nowadays, it’s too easy to get caught up in a text or group chat conversation, scrolling on Facebook, Instagram or checking what’s trending on Twitter.

That’s fine in moderation, but the reality is, you still have to DO THE WORK.  In order to have a product, experience, a reel or portfolio that proves you’re an expert in your field there’s got to be tangible work.

Your work will be left standing as a representative of you. Your work is your legacy. It distinguishes you from everybody else. Your work determines your aptitude and your competency in your field. You might not post another thing on social media, but your work cannot be denied and if others have access to it, they’ll shine the light on it.

Sometimes, you can keep your head down so long that you may wonder, will when will all this pay off. I can assuredly tell you, it does!

There’s no way around paying your dues, putting in the sweat equity, laying the foundation with hours of hard work–and if you stay the course it will pay off and many times when you least expect it.

Another thing that doing the work says is you’re prepared if you’ve done the work, when an opportunity does present itself, guess what, you’re ready! The worst thing you can be is unprepared when an opportunity shows up. Scrambling to put something together! I’ve been there and it taught me a tough lesson.

Doing the work opens doors for you. It’s as if your work goes ahead of you and tells opportunity to come find me, I’m ready.

The best part is that if God is gave you the vision, he’ll bless the work of your hands.

So DO THE WORK and STAY THE COURSE. Don’t let distractions, or multitasking stop you from doing the important stuff.

Here’s to a killing it in 2017!



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  1. Angela Cruz

    This post is SO TRUE! I was just reading about how our smart phones have distracted us so much. It’s hard to accomplish as much when we are constantly pulled in a million directions. Great insight!

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