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Hustle, Honey: Feat. Kristen Pope of The Positive Controversy

Award-Winning journalist and Host of The Positive Controversy Kristen Pope had a yummy chat with Award-Winning blog “Blushing Black.” Appropriately titled “Hustle Honey,” Kristen shares her journey through media and entrepreneurship. See the description and a link to the full article inside!

Do the Work & Stay the Course

There’s no way around paying your dues, putting in the sweat equity, laying the foundation with hours of hard work–and if you stay the course it will pay off and many times when you least expect it.

The 7 Steps to Building A Great Team

I get asked often, ‘how did you build your team?’ It’s no secret. I have an amazing team working on my show, “The Positive Controversy!” I brag on them all the time. Here are the 7 Steps to compiling a stellar team for your divine vision!