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Award-Winning Journalist. Multimedia Strategist. Comedic Actress.

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Kristen L. Pope has a gift for making people laugh. Her natural wit makes her a sought after speaker, host and MC. She's also an award winning journalist and host of her own show, "The Positive Controversy." Kristen is a natural encourager and the founder of "The King's Daughters," a women's collective focused on personal development that helps women overcome shame. Kristen is a wife and mom based in the Boston-metropolitan area.

“Everybody has talents and gifts. I am thankful that I have been given talents, and that I have been able to use them. Not everyone gets the opportunity to use what they have been given. I’m blessed,” she said. “I truly believe I am here for a greater purpose, and this propels me to do the best I can do in every endeavor.”

My family is the driving force behind everything I do.

– Kristen L. Pope
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“I am motivated by the human story.

When we tell and share our stories we break down bias and get to know the human being. My mission is to coach, train and place as many storytellers as I can in newsrooms across the country to tell balanced human stories.

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