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Charge What You’re Worth


Charge what you’re worth. People will either step up or step off. Either way, you’ll weed out the folks who value your time and contribution.

Recently, a content creator that I greatly respect asked me to be a part of a really cool concept on his digital network. The concept was actually picking up an idea we put down a while back.

Except this time, my life is in a much different place, I’ve acquired more skills and credentials, but have much more limited time. All that aside, I was very open to revisit the show segment idea and get it off the ground. However, with limited time, I have to be very selective about the projects I take on.

Until this person and I discussed money or any type of payment, we had a regular flow of conversation. We traded ideas, and even did a test run. Once I brought up compensation, all communication stopped. Literally ceased. I haven’t heard back from this person, even to discuss negotiations.

Back in the day this would have hurt my feelings. I would second guess bringing up money, or feeling I had a right to charge for my services. Today, I wanted to write them a thank you later, for not stringing me a long. His non-response, helped me make a decision very quickly. It also informed me the power of charging what you believe you’re worth. You ultimately weed out the people who don’t agree. I say don’t agree, because a person who can’t afford your services, may have a different conversation with you. I know I have. If there were services I couldn’t afford, I asked about a payment plan or a barter of some sort. I still tried to engage the conversation, because I saw value.

And that’s the key word. VALUE. Your gifts, your talents, time, expertise, network, years of experience have value. It would be great to offer everything for free, but the world doesn’t operate like that, and neither should we. As long as we don’t assign a value to our work or services, no one else will.

Let’s be honest, especially entrepreneurs, you’re in business to make money. Yes, you have a service you want to give and share with the world, but you’re also in business to make money. It took me a while to get comfortable talking about money or charging what I deserve, but once I became the CEO of my own production company Pope Productions, and needed the services of others, I realized no one had a problem charging me! LOL Production crew, venue spaces, equipment rental houses–they had no problem charging me. If I chose not to pay, that’s fine, but I’d have to go without their services.

My understanding became clear. They see value in what they provide, and guess what so do I. Now, if I don’t assign a value to what I bring to the table, I can only blame myself.

Maybe that content creator and I will do business and collaborate in the future. No hard feelings on my end–but for now, we do see value for value.

Have the conversation. Get comfortable talking about money and charge what you’re worth.

What you provide has value.

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  1. Tiffany James

    I would First like to say thank you. My friend and I recently collaborated on a Vision Board project that was launched this past weekend. The first launch we did for free, and from that launch we were contacted from several organizations to do private events. My friend was really struggling with what we should charge. I was a little afraid but was determined that we have to charge what we are worth. We had been praying for expansion and increase. I have always gave my gift away for free feeling bad to charge for what I have to offer the world. So today, its not coincidence that I saw your blog in my news feed. I am an encourager, my gift to encourage people into their destiny is so natural that it makes it hard sometimes to see the value in it. Thank you beautiful. May God continue to bless you .

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