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Own Your Story

When you own your story, you become powerful. No one can make you feel less than you are or define your path. You’re able to stand firm in your identity and your decisions.

How to Break-in to Broadcast News

My journey to reporting was no crystal staircase. It was an uphill battle, that today, I’m grateful for. It’s helped me appreciate the calling to journalism even more. I don’t use the term calling lightly either. There is no lukewarm relationship with reporting. Either, you love it or you hate it. That first job is typically the make or break you factor. That’s where you cut your teeth and answer the question, “is this really for me?” Here are the steps to find out!

#PositiveControversy: Whose Uptown is it? A Conversation with Pastor Mike Walrond (Episode 5)

This week, I pursue the controversy of a changing America in conversation with Pastor Mike Walrond, leader of one of Harlem’s largest and fastest growing churches, First Corinthian Baptist Church. He is running for New York’s 13th Congressional District. A newcomer to politics, his grassroots campaign is inspiring many to believe even a little bit harder.