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In the 3rd episode part 1 of 2, Kristen helps us explore having a core group of friends & how important it is to have them in your life!

Podcast Link:–Relationships-Core-Group-of-Friends-featuring-Kristen-Pope-Part-1-e2s544

This week‘s Faith Chick is Kristen Pope @kristenlpope ! Listen to learn more about why we chose her!

Podcast Highlights ?:

* “Marriage and motherhood is a calling in my opinion. And so when you’re called into them, you are… It’s like I get to do this and this is a part of the extension that God has given me in this life, it’s an extension of who I have.”
* “I see my messy house that to me is this, it’s the reflection of a happy home for a one line here. There’s a husband that lives here, there’s a wife that lives here, there’s a mom and a dad. There’s a baby that lived here, so my messy house is a reflection of a happy home.”
* “So I travel a travel has always been number one for me because I lived in so many different places, it’s never been anything for me to hop on a plane and you I go see somebody or go visit someone. I have been a writer since I was six years old, and so some of my closest friends were my penpals.”
* “My friendships have made me a much better person because people add to you if you allow them to you and to really see you, people will add to your life.”
* “Yeah, he is my husband, he truly like… We are celebrating eight years of marriage. I like how I in an all years together, and he is the best friend I’ve ever had, but he is not the only friend that I have to. Okay, and it’s a blessing, it’s a blessing because that allows me to cherish our friendship, for the fullness and the richness that it is, and it still allows me to enjoy my other friendships for the fullness and the richness that they are.”

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