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A Window Seat For Queens: You Never Arrive Feat. Kristen L. Pope

Journey is the appropriate word when talking about womanhood. You never quite arrive. There’s always lessons to learn and discoveries to make. When, I turned 18, I thought this was it, womanhood. I’m here. I have a high school diploma, a boyfriend, a cute body, and a college entrance letter which translated to liberation. Couldn’t have been more wrong.

#PositiveControversy: The Other “B” Word (Episode 4)

The cliché that sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us, is a misconstrued declaration of self-empowerment. The fact of the matter is that our words have power and if we are truly going to empower one another, we must speak with careful consideration of the power held in our words. We hope that you all join the conversation in Episode 4 of “The Positive Controversy,” as I sit down with, Life Coach, Author and Speaker Dee Marshall and TV Personality Lyndsay Christian, two women that truly empower me be bold, beautiful and brave and would never refer to me as a demeaning “B” word.

True Love Will Wait

Is true love really worth waiting to have sex? Guest contributor Barbara Boliere believes it is. Check out her story and why she works each day to help other young women not make the same mistakes she made.