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Reporting While Black? Read This.

In a recent story, I found myself in a battle to tell a familiar story to minorities, objectively. It wasn’t easy. My editor and I were going back and forth on language, storytelling and ultimately the best narrative that would illustrate the all too often interaction between black males and law enforcement. We didn’t consistently agree on how to tell the story, but in the end, we did.

This brief story captures the daily plight of minority males, specifically black males.

#PositiveControversy: Mental Illness: Depression and Suicide in Black Males (Episode 3)

For far too long mental illness in the Black community has been swept under the rug, causing people to suffer in silence. In Episode 3 of the “The Positive Controversy”, host Kristen L. Pope sits down with Squeaky Moore and Kenneth “KT” Nelson, producers of “FACE of DARKNESS” Documentary, as well as psychotherapist Chad Davis and nurse psychotherapist Deanna Johnson for an upfront conversation regarding the myths, stigma and labels of mental illness.