N’Keisha Marie


Guest Post by N’Keisha Marie

It was a difficult start
With no words of affirmation
To feed my starving heart.
And it was my heart that was hungry for those words.
Words sweeter than honey,
That could soothe my soul.
But never being told
That I’m worth more than rubies, diamonds
And bars of precious gold,
I grew bitter and cold.

And I was frustrated for years,
Depression had me oppressed
And I was sobbing nightly tears,
‘Cause everyday Satan was confirming
My greatest fear:
That fear of rejection.

So yeah, I was vexed and distressed
And the only thing that brought me warmth, peace and rest
Was being in the arms of another
Tall, dark and handsome brotha’.
So I became another pearl cast to swine,
And each time that hot dude
Would pitch me line
I thought hey
This must be the one
‘Cause I know it’s my time
To get on a new bus
And to catch a new crush
That would love me for me
And bring that comforting touch.

But the journey stopped short
When I realized I was being played
Like the hottest new sport.
And I was never a baller,
But I can choose to be the shot caller.
And though I didn’t get much love,
I don’t have to run and get hugs
From every tom, dick and harry thug
That will say name, say my name
‘Cause that game is so over
And was always so lame.

So when I see that
Adam had Eve
And Barbie’s got Ken,
Bathsheba had David
And Jen’s got Ben.
I can’t hate
‘Cause even though
I may lack legitimate date,
I know now that I got a man
Who’s got everything to do with this!

‘Cause He’s the Man who sparks fireworks
In my inner parts
And who whispers in my ear
That He’s my number one fan!
And He doesn’t leave me or tease me
Because He wants me to stand,
Stand tall and declare that
Because He is
The Man!
The most unlikely of loves,
He’s a strong Jewish carpenter
Who can tame winds
And ride on clouds above,
But who’s got me sprung, whipped
Licked checked, pecked
And all up on His jock
‘Cause when I roll with Him
He makes all of my stock go up!

So I don’t have to
Pluck, tuck, push up my bust
Bat my lashes, accentuate my butt
Primp or suck up to no fickle hu-man.
‘Cause as far as God’s concerned,
He’s already committed
And claimed my hand
In holy matrimony.

So you don’t have to be fake or phony or feel like you’re lonely,
Solicit your skin or be bound up in sin.
You can make peace with your past,
Stand up on that mountain with some dignity
And proclaim, with a little sassy panache
That you are free at last!
Thank God Almighty,
I am, free at last!


N’Keisha Marie is a self proclaimed visual conversationalist who spent the last 7 1/2 years honing her skills at Ralph Lauren as a brand manager and marketing professional. She strongly believes that image is the most powerful form of communication because it speaks to the core of who we are, and can either negatively or positively shape opinions and perspectives. N’Keisha now works with private clients to help them develop and brand their personal style. She also owns a blog called The Ministry Of Fashion, which is about the art of dressing up and where true glamour comes from. She emphasizes the idea that fashion is not just about looking pretty, but it’s about being pretty fabulous from the inside out. You can reach N’Keisha on Twitter & Instagram: @nkeishamarie. Check out her beautiful blog @ TheMinistryOfFashion.com.

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