#PositiveControversy: The Other “B” Word (Ep. 4 Trailer)

It seems the timing of the trailer for our episode four, “The Other ‘B’ Word,” serves well to offer our team’s tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou. If there is nothing else to hold fast to in the wake of a mighty loss, it is the legacy she left of embracing one’s own womanhood. Dr. Angelou’s writing so often compelled us to take that pain, that fear, that dream, that present and mold it into an indomitable pride, which she termed the phenomenal woman. Dr. Angelou reminds us that she didn’t start there. She grew there. The team of The Positive Controversy truly hopes to deliver that energy.

I was so excited for the day of this shoot because I was surrounded by the light of Dee Marshall and Lyndsay Christian, two women that who I deeply admire and live their lives on purpose and with intention.

We live an age of phenomenal women, but for some reason we have allowed a limitation of the public displays of generosity and joy that make us as women who we are. Here’s a sneak peek of the energy to come from episode 4 of The Positive Controversy with Kristen Pope. We hope it adds a kick of inspiration to your day, and a nod to the character we owe those who have paved our paths.

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  1. Cynthia

    I love this trailer. Especially excited to see Coach Deemas well. Thank you for being a powerful positive influencers. We need more women like yourselves to take a stance to inspire to teach our younger women to value themselves more.

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