#PositiveControversy: Mental Illness: Depression and Suicide in Black Males (Episode 3)

For far too long mental illness in the Black community has been swept under the rug, causing people to suffer in silence.

In an effort to destroy the stigma associated with mental illness and help people along their journey to healing, Squeaky Moore and Kenneth “KT” Nelson, the producers of “Face of Darkness” Documentary, set out on a mission to change the dialogue and have candid conversations about the topic. Their  film tackles and exposes the extreme misunderstanding of those who suffer from various forms of mental illness and addresses the epidemic of suicide among Black males. The film’s objective is to raise awareness of depression in African American males, the detriment of not addressing it, as well as the benefits of treatment. Moore and Nelson hope that by exposing the illness in an artistic fashion, the African American community will not only be enlightened, but they will learn how to recognize and seek help for themselves or loved ones.

In Episode 3 of the “The Positive Controversy“, host Kristen L. Pope sits down with Moore and Nelson, as well as psychotherapist Chad Davis and nurse psychotherapist Deanna Johnson for an upfront conversation regarding the myths, stigma and labels of mental illness.

Join the conversation by tuning in to Episode 3 of “The Positive Controversy.”

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