#PositiveControversy: Kanye , Beyonce, Diversity in Fashion Business (Episode 1)

Talk shows & news were my favorite programming growing up. From Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Oprah and the local team in Atlanta, I would tune out the rest of the world the moment they took over the television. As a kid, I knew at least 100 names of icons in the industry, and when and where you could find them on TV. So there was no confusion when it was time to go to college that it would be for broadcast journalism.

In Journalism, we are constantly shaping the story of human experience. This is ultimately where we all intersect. My college dean, journalist Tony Brown, affirmed this in his book, What Mama Taught Me: the 7 Core Values of Life. Once you know your place in the world, you can be clear in mind and spirit where to follow your path of success. As a journalist, your role is about positioning people at the heart of any situation and offering them the information that provides clarity on their personal and societal paths. So for me, it is the nature of journalism, at its best, to be an art of humanity that keeps me on curious quests to connect with others.

THE POSITIVE CONTROVERSY WITH KRISTEN POPE is my way of bringing you both my love for thought provoking topics and my love for entertaining conversations. Since January, my team has joined in my imagination of new for the Instagram generation. We play with formats, mixing in the variety show element, to showcase the intellect of millennials. And of course, we are placing the show almost everywhere social.

In this first of the six pilot episodes, we delve into the need for more diversity in fashion’s mainstream. The world is becoming browner–shouldn’t this translate to runways and fashion designers? Sitting down with Brandice Henderson of Harlem’s Fashion RowN’Keisha Marie of Ministry of Fashion and Jesse Adore of Adore Daily, we start the conversation that we will grow through social. Join in using #positivecontroversy!

So…here goes everything. Happy Positive Controversy Day! Let’s go!

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