#PositiveControversy: Does Happiness Trump Career? (Episode 6)

This year Pharrell swept not only America, but the world in a happiness movement. People of all races created their own “Happy” videos and uploaded them to places like YouTube, dancing to the song. Companies even encouraged their employees to make their own version of “Happy.”

So how important is being happy in life? Is it worth tossing a career to follow your heart? More and more the millennial generation is setting a new standard and creating new possibilities for career and total life fulfillment. Including doing away with the notion that a 9-5 job is the only way to stability. This “out-of-the-box” generation is putting happy first, confident that success will follow.

I had the privilege of chatting one-on-one with Fitness Instructor Dawn Archer, who’s currently leading her own happiness movement. I’ll tell you, after my time with her, I see why getting to happy is so important.

This episode is also bittersweet, because it’s the last in our pilot season of, “The Positive Controversy.” I related to Dawn in many ways, because of her leap of faith to do what her heart was calling her to do. This show has been a purpose journey that has brought me into a new dimension of happy. My team and I hope you have enjoyed the show. I have enjoyed engaging in a “new kind of conversation” with you! I look forward to bringing you a brand new season of content! Stay tuned. There’s great things in store for Pope Productions!

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