#PositiveControversy: Macklemore, an Independent Game Changer? (Episode 2)

Macklemore attained huge success as an indie artist. He blew out the Grammy Awards and defeated Hip Hop’s new golden child, Kendrick Lamar.

In the digital media era, getting your music to the masses has never been easier. From mixtapes to YouTube channels, indie artists challenge the notion that you must sign with a major label in order to get exposure.

What do you think about the indie vs. major label debate? In Episode 2 of “The Positive Controversy“, Kristen Pope has a thought-provoking conversation with music industry experts Jasmine “Chalant” Brito, Jamaal “Reality” Meeks and Gerren Keith Gaynor.

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  1. the saint

    I saw your segment on Macklemore and the industry. Excellent interview and presentation. Your questions were not vague and scattered, etc. they were to the point, succinct, direct and poignant and you gave all your guests proper time. Personally, I’m suspicious they gave a white artist the award just like that. Kind of a slap in the face. I say that without knowing the genre, the ins and outs of the biz, how the artists are judged, etc. so you’ll have to take my comment with a grain of salt. So, I agree with your guests that it was f’d up to just hand Macklemore the awards like nothin.’ Screw the Grammy’s like Reality said, that program has been messed up for years. Even Billy Crystal couldn’t save it. ha ha ha Good show, Kristen! I’m a sound guy, though, I wish you and your guests were better mic’d. Thanks, great luck!

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