#PositiveControversy: Depression and Suicide in Black Males (Ep. 3 Trailer)

Where do you stand on mental illness? Do you think about it? Do you believe it’s even an issue, or is it just something other people deal with?

Suicide statistics among African-American males are staggering, plunging the Black community into a state of emergency. African-American males make up nearly one-third of the people who are dying from suicide. Many are now calling for action to find ways to save the lives of Black males.

These overwhelming statistics pushed Filmmakers Squeaky Moore and Kenneth KT Nelson to create a documentary that addresses depression and suicide in Black males. After the suicides of friend and actor Lee Thompson Young and Hampton University alum, Yusuf Neville, Moore and Nelson resolved that it was time to raise awareness about the issues of mental illness and suicide that are taking an increasing number of African-American males captive. The film exposes the mental health illness and suicide epidemic in the Black community in an artistic fashion and seeks to enlighten the public and encourage people to seek help for themselves or loved ones.

In Episode 3 of “The Positive Controversy,” Kristen Pope sits down with the filmmakers to discuss the stigma of mental illness within the Black community and the importance of advocating for those suffering.

Watch the Episode 3 trailer and join the conversation about mental illness in the Black community.

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