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Kristen L. Pope is a Woman to Watch!

Pope Productions founder and CEO, Kristen L. Pope is featured in Ambition Magazine on March 26, 2014, as a woman on which the world should keep an eye.

Why this business/ profession:
Writing has always been my passion. I started writing short stories as a little girl. When my father required me, in addition to my regular school work to complete a book report for him once a week, I was excited to read more and of course write! There was also this burning passion to incorporate multimedia. I always knew that my calling involved being on TV. Public speaking is a skill I honed very young. In college, I studied broadcast journalism. It’s where all my passions and talents converged: writing, storytelling and public speaking. In my business, I get to write, report, host, produce, shoot video and edit. Six years ago, I created the King’s Daughters, a place for women to refine character and practice abstinence before marriage. TKD also encourages women to be honest and open about their sexuality and the real issues we encounter going all the way back to childhood.

What is it about you that embodies Ambition:
At the core, I’m a visionary. Daily, I’m co-creating with God. I feel his tug and his push towards my higher calling and the purpose he set out for me and I’m working in partnership with him to bring that purpose to life here on earth. Almost a year and a half ago, my husband and I made the decision in the infancy of our marriage for me to move 1700 miles away and work full time for a news station. We knew that the experience would elevate my career and sharpen my skills. As crazy as it seemed to some, for us it was steps of faith. We always kept the greater goal in mind. Everyday, I’m pushed to run towards my goals and to inspire others to do the same.

Social Media/ Contact:
Website: KristenLPope.com
Twitter: KristenLPopeTV
Instagram: KristenLPopeTV
Facebook: Kristen L Pope
Email: Kristen@KristenLPope.com

This article was originally published in Ambition Magazine’s Anniversary Issue. To obtain a full digital or printed copy of the issue, visit www.AmbitionMag.com and purchase your copy.

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