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Charge What You’re Worth

Your gifts, your talents, time, expertise, network, years of experience have value. It would be great to offer everything for free, but the world doesn’t operate like that, and neither should we. As long as we don’t assign a value to our work or services, no one else will.

From Working a Job to Walking in Your Calling

If you know that there is more for you; if you know that your gifts and talents can be used in greater way; if you know that there’s something you’re called to do and you’re not doing it–I encourage you to take the first step. Take one leap of faith, and then another, and another. God will meet you each step of the way.

5 Life Lessons from the Boston Marathon

Then, it hit me. This is exactly what life looks like. A marathon. A long, focused, journey that requires endurance and perseverance until the finish line. Sometimes there’s pain and hopefully a lot of joy. On our journey we have bumps, bruises, highs, lows, challenges, opportunities, wins and setbacks. All while trying to make it to the finish line.

Reporting While Black? Read This.

In a recent story, I found myself in a battle to tell a familiar story to minorities, objectively. It wasn’t easy. My editor and I were going back and forth on language, storytelling and ultimately the best narrative that would illustrate the all too often interaction between black males and law enforcement. We didn’t consistently agree on how to tell the story, but in the end, we did.

This brief story captures the daily plight of minority males, specifically black males.