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Pope Productions provides a full scale experience for all your storytelling needs. Pope Productions includes videography, editing, writing and production for short form storytelling

How to Break-in to Broadcast News

My journey to reporting was no crystal staircase. It was an uphill battle, that today, I’m grateful for. It’s helped me appreciate the calling to journalism even more. I don’t use the term calling lightly either. There is no lukewarm relationship with reporting. Either, you love it or you hate it. That first job is typically the make or break you factor. That’s where you cut your teeth and answer the question, “is this really for me?” Here are the steps to find out!

The 7 Steps to Building A Great Team

I get asked often, ‘how did you build your team?’ It’s no secret. I have an amazing team working on my show, “The Positive Controversy!” I brag on them all the time. Here are the 7 Steps to compiling a stellar team for your divine vision!